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Fort Lauderdale Criminal Appeals Attorneys


State and Federal Appellate Representation


The law firm of Bogenschutz, Dutko & Kroll, P.A., has a reputation for effective criminal defense in a broad range of cases. However, even the best trial lawyers sometimes cannot overcome prejudicial evidence, prosecutor misconduct, improper jury instructions and other errors at trial.


Our criminal trial practice includes appeals of convictions and sentences. We commonly handle appeals of cases that we tried, as well as independent appeals upon request by defendants or other attorneys. Our Fort Lauderdale firm handles state and federal appellate cases in Broward County as well as Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties.



Did You Get a Fair Shake at Trial?


You cannot appeal simply because you think the jury came to the wrong conclusion. In order to overturn a conviction or throw out a sentence, the appeals court must find a judicial error that was so prejudicial that the verdict likely would have been different. Our experienced appellate lawyers are skilled at identifying and fleshing out the grounds for appeals.



Attorneys Skilled In Post-Conviction Relief, Who Have Helped Shape Florida Law


In both state appeals and federal appeals over the years, attorneys of Bogenschutz, Dutko & Kroll have advanced arguments at trial court that were rejected but eventually upheld by the District Court of Appeals and the Florida Supreme Court.


We take pride in our involvement in creating precedent-changing and precedent-setting "new law" that resulted in development, evolution, refinement and enhancement of the status quo. We have helped clients overturn convictions, win new trials or modify their overly punitive sentences. We have also succeeded in reining in law enforcement and having statutes declared unconstitutional.


Our published appellate opinions cover a range of issues, including the following:


  • The constitutionality of restrictions on chiropractor solicitations.
  • The first written opinion in Florida providing for defense witness immunity.
  • The constitutionality of wiretaps on cordless phones.



Explore Your Possible Appeals


Our attorneys are knowledgeable about all appeals and writs to exhaust your post-conviction remedies. There is a short window after conviction or sentencing to file notice of appeal. Call our legal team at 954-764-2500 or contact us online to arrange a confidential consultation.